So I was at my LBS today picking up my new tire pump and was browsing for a min and noticed the Globe IG3 which I have talked about in the past but today gave it a test ride. I like the internal hub as it shifts very fast and smooth (Nexus) I also like that it has 26x1.5 tires and the head wrench said he got a The Captain 2.0 on their.

My dreams are bigger and was looking for anyone who has put a 700c wheelset on theirs? I actually have the rim and is disc ready just need to build it up.

And a add on question I am looking at this bike or the Motobecane Fantom Cross Uno which is a "WTF" bike but do not care for drop bars at this time as it's more of a get around town since a freeway stops my bike commute (if I did go around it would be over 20 miles each way easily).

EDIT: The Globe is $429.99 but I think I could get them down to $400 since they do not make the bike anymore and of course it's last years model.