The other day I saw a car-bike collision at an intersection. From a distance as I was approaching the intersection to make a right turn I saw what I thought to be a car broken down in the middle of the road and what appeared to be someone fixing a flat tire. But as I approached I can se that a car making a left turn had run into a commuter while he was on the left-turn lane probably waiting to make a left turn. The rider was an older person and his bike looked pretty banged up with a tacoed front wheel.

I suspect the driver was making a left or coming from the opposite end heading eastbound when the sun was setting. It was around 6pm and at this time the sun can be blinding if you're facing it. Perhaps the driver was temporarily blinded by the sun and this caused her to hit the cyclist. It looked like her car was in the cyclist's left-turn lane that would direct traffic north.

Seeing the whole scene made me think about being extra careful when riding or driving. The cyclist looked like he may have been injured but not banged up, as he was standing up yet hobbling a bit. I was thinking about stopping but I was on the far right lane and there probably wasn't much I could do, as there were cars all around and the driver came out to check on things.

Be safe out there!