So this week I have to commute...-
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    So this week I have to commute...

    I use to commute a couple times a week. But after our 2nd kid our schedule changed and I was unable to commute anymore.
    I was going to try to start commuting again now that things have straightened out but just didn't want to deal.
    But I just bought a new truck and decided to have it lifted (rednecked as my wife calls it). So I dropped it of Monday evening so they could start on it Tuesday morning. Have been riding the bike to work since. I never noticed how much I missed commuting by bike. Anyway, on my way home yesterday I stopped by the shop to see how things were going. The bastards haven't even started on it. I was pretty pissed because they had it for 2 days and haven't done a lick of work on it. But then I realized something.....That's just 2 more days I "have" to ride my bike to work But still pissed that it's 2 more days until I get my truck back

    OK rant over. I feel better now...that is until I have to ride home in this monsoon!
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    That's why I do all the work on my Jeep myself... when it's out of commission there's nobody to be mad at And more money for bike parts.

    The question is, once the truck is done and looking all new and sweet, will you drop the bike ride, or will this week be enough to get you hooked again?
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    I was going to do it myself (well with the help of a friend) for the same reasons. But in the long run I thought it would be better to just have someone else do it.

    This friend that was going to help me knows his stuff when it comes to lifted vehicles. But he's also a Jeep guy and didn't feel comfortable with lifting a vehicle with independent front suspension as it's a lot more work.

    I will have to drop the commuting once the truck is complete due to dark restraints. I have to commute on some roads that would not be safe in the dark of the morning. As of right now I am getting out as soon as it gets bright enough to make it to work on time safely. Once we start getting more daylight this coming spring I will be back to commuting more. I've been wanting to get back to commuting every since I had to quit. This is just a tease for next spring.
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    Once you get the truck lifted will you have to yell "Get off the F____g road" at anybody on a bike? I'm not sure, but I think that's a requirement of driving a lifted truck.

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