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    So, I was dreaming... great would it be to build a single speed disc brake ready roadie? (actually I've been thinking about the SS roadie more than I should)

    anyways...I did a little search and wanted to share it...I was trying to reduce it to the more road-trackish frame geometry...for example, for its adventurish geometry, the Salsa Vaya couldn't be on the couldn't the Vassago Fisticuff.

    Tweed from Steelwool Bicycles

    Bryant from Civia Cycles (shown in belt setup)

    Roadrat from Cotic Cycles

    and the one I think worth the search:
    On-One Pompetamine

    All made of steel

    the Tweed works with an EBB.
    Bryant has replaceable dropouts.
    not sure but it seems both bikes are 135mm rear dropout spaced.

    Now from the last ones (the ones I liked the most )
    The Cotic has a 132.5mm rear spaced dropout, which is nice, meanwhile the Pompetamine has 135mm...tire clearance on both are great...allowing up to 42c tires!

    all but the on-one have canti/v-brakes here the Pompetamine wins on the disc specific department.

    All of them are fender and at least rear rack friendly.

    well, wasn't going to post a big comparison chart, just trowing the options...any other out there?
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    ok guys...I really need your opinions here...I'm actually considering this build now.

    despite my apparent sold on the pompetamine I'm actually leaning towards the roadrat now

    things to consider with the roadrat are shipping and customs, which puts the frameset near $600 with the current currency exchange....but then again my second option (Bryant) is around $630

    what would be your pick?

    I don't know much about on-one frames...are they good?...I have found more info about cotic's than on the on-ones....pompetamine will be around $400 so it is tempting!

    I'm considering building it with some XT hubs and a single conversion kit letting me put some gears later on.

    *this will mean no GPS and an explanation to the wife when the frame arrives but WTH!
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    I've seen the steelwool tweed in their "houndstooth" paintscheme (as pictured) and it's beautiful (in an "inside the library" kind of way)
    I also have a steelwool northstar, and the geomtery DOES work, loaded or not. I think the northstar is basically an early non-disc tweed.
    The vertical dropouts are great and easier to use than horizontals, BUT my ebb creaked after winter commuting. Probably will again this year.

    But out of those options, the cotic strikes me as the most "todo-terreno" of them all.

    personal opinion: first cotic, followed by steelwool.
    the civia I know nothing about, and the on-one steel bikes tend to be overbuilt.
    If steel is real then aluminium is supercallafragiliniun!

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    thanks byknuts...

    one + for bryant over the roadrat are the replaceable dropouts...I read from Bulldog's thread that removing the rear wheel is a PITA due to the RD Hanger/tensioner config Edit: and this will apply equally to the pompetamine

    I won't have cold enough to affect an EBB here though
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