Sling pack or backpack?

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  • 05-24-2017
    Sling pack or backpack?
    Hi folks,

    I'm searching for a new pack mostly for commutting, but also for hiking and day use.

    Must by hydration compatible.
    Be big enough for size 13 shoes, pants, shirt, and a lunch, but not oversized.
    Be able either stuff my helmet in it or connect with a clip of some kind.

    I'm wanting an ambidextrous sling pack, but not sure how comfortable that will be.

    Just looking for suggestions and recommendations.


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  • 06-03-2017
    Rocky Mtn
    I have looked at a lot of different packs (I am in Canada - where selection could be different from your area), and I'd be a little surprised if you could find a sling pack to hold all of that.

    I have a 20l evoc pack and when I put my shoes in there it starts to get a little tight. Although I generally leave my shoes at work.