• 07-07-2017
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    which set of tires for winter riding?
    I have 2 new sets of tires for my winter beater... one set are beach cruiser tires and the other set are cheap mountain bike tires.... new tires are not in the budget, so which tires would be the best winter tire of the 2?
  • 07-08-2017
    It depends on how you define "winter" .

    In my climate snow is rare even in winter and I prefer non-studded tires. For that I ride them with a bit lower pressure to increase the contact area. So for me it would be the beach cruiser.

    For longer periods with snow-covered ground I would prefer the studded ones though. They simply have more bite.

    I don't know your climate zone so I can only say to pick the recommendation that applies most to you :)

    CU CD
  • 07-08-2017
    The top ones (cruiser tires) look like they could get packed in with snow or slush and lose traction. The MTB ones will have better traction.
  • 07-08-2017
    mostly rain... some winters we might get a little snow and sometimes not