Seriously considering 700C wheels on my 26" MTB-
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    New question here. Seriously considering 700C wheels on my 26" MTB

    Seriously considering 700C wheels on my 26" MTB

    Been wanting to get a dedicated road bike, but I was thinking maybe I could just get an extra wheel-set for my 26" MTB to turn it into a glorified hybrid with a 700C wheelset. Centerlock hub > adapter > 6 bolt discs.

    26"/1.5 vs 700C/28

    MTB with 700C
    mtb with 700c wheel - YouTube

    So considering the image and video above, are these below non-issues?
    - Pedal strike (oops I meant Toe Overlap)
    - BB/stand-over height
    - Tire clearance

    How about gearing?
    I'll likely hold off on getting larger chain-rings unless I start constantly spinning out on flat sections... or if for some reason I want to pedal faster downhill.

    Extra Cassette?
    May need an extra cassette if I don't want to swap that out too each time I swap out the wheels.

    Hub spacing?
    No huge issues lacing 700c rims to MTB disc hubs, right?

    Anyone else do this before with good or even not so good results?
    Any red flags or issues I should be aware of before I go down that path would be much appreciated!
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    Your individual frame clearance is all that will hold you up. I'd look at pre-built 29er wheels with disc hubs too... might save some work/cost, and they'll have the 135mm rear hub spacing. 700c tires will fit on 29er rims fine, 29er rims are just a bit wider than a typical 700c road rim, but they're the same diameter... I've had 28c tires on WTB Speed Disc 29er rims with no issues.
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    OD of a 700c x 23 is very close to a 2.0x26.

    You could lace a 700c road rim to a mtb hub. No problem.

    As per above, 29er prebuilt wheelset may be cheaper/easier, depending on if you have spare hubs laying around and can build the wheels yourself.

    You'll likely be fine with 44x11 gearing, except on some downhills. You may not need the granny or middle ring though.

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    Look on pricepoint. They have cheap bikes.

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    An Ibex 350 works for me with a 38c tire, surly fork with enough toe clearance.
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    I did this conversion a few times back in college for beginners on the triathlon team. It worked great. Had to change the brakes to shorter road brakes, but that won't be an issue if you keep the disks. An 11-21 8 speed cassette worked great, too.

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    I've done it before. As long as you have the clearance and disc brakes, it shouldn't be an issue. If you don't have disc brakes, the rims my not line up with the brake pads correctly.
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