Semi's Promoting Bike Safety in Utah-
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    Semi's Promoting Bike Safety in Utah

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    Wow check out the two responses on that page. Drivers here in Ogden usually give me decent room with only the occasional a$$hat yelling something out their window. Ive spoken with the owner of city cycle who said he moved up here because it was one of the most cycle friendly states he has been to especially compared to florida were he is from. Plus awesome trails.

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    It's nice that they're looking at this from both perspectives. I feel like most cycling safety campaigns sponsored by LEOs attack the problem from more of a "save cyclists from themselves" angle. They act like they're doing cyclists a favor by "cracking down on bicycles running red lights and stop signs". I can tell you this much, 99% of the close calls I have are due to a driver doing something illegal and not from me breaking a law.

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    ^ yup. Around here 99% of accidents involve only motor vehicles. Pedestrians or cyclists are involved in the other 1%, and are at fault or partially at fault 1/2 the time.

    So a billboard warning cyclists to stop breaking the law could reduce collisions by at most 0.25%. Same thing for all the boring anti-jaywalking campaigns.

    In comparison, about 1.3% of Americans are named Michael. A billboard that says "Michael! Stop driving like an idiot!" could potentially reduce collisions by an astounding 0.7%! But for some reason no one will fund those...

    Nice to see that Utah isn't ignoring the elephant in the room. Love the comments on the article, though.

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