• 04-27-2008
    Selecting a compatible rear rack.
    Hi all.

    I'm glad you all are helping the environment and yourself by choosing to commute on bike! I have done it a few times so far this year but I've been wearing a backpack and it's getting too hot and icky for that now.

    I NEED HELP FINDING A PANNIER RACK! I don't want a rack that mounts only to my post. I want a rack that can mount to the frame via eyelets or axle and support heavier loads incase I want to start doing some light touring in the near future. My bikes are all mountain hardtails.

    1) What is the best rack for a bike with disc brakes and the appropriate rear eyelets on it?

    2) What is the best rack for a bike with disc brakes but has no rear eyelets or v-brakes holes on it. I have looked at old mountain man racks but they are too expensive and they need to clamp to your frame. I have seen racks that mount via axle and clamp on the seat post. Where do I find those....

    Please point me in the right direction and product to find the best rack for my two scenarios. THANKS! :D
  • 04-27-2008
    You could try one of these from Planet Bike:


    Do you have a LBS that can help you with that? That is a great source for all sorts of stuff.
  • 04-27-2008
    Topeak Explorer Disc Rack, Topeak DXP trrunk bag with fold down panniers. Clamp on mounting points (clamp on to seatstays...rubber padded).
  • 04-27-2008
    Axiom Odyssee or Journey
  • 05-01-2008
    These would be good if you have eyelets, they're both rated to carry 25kg(55lb):
    Topeak Explorer & Super Tourist
  • 05-01-2008
    Got a question about the above Topeak racks... Where do the silver thingies mount to? I'm thinking I might buy one at some point to toss on when I need to carry stuff and don't want a backpack. (My bike does have eyelets)
  • 05-01-2008

    Where do the silver thingies mount to?
    Generally to the eyelets on the seat stays but I guess that they could be attached to the seat post clamp if there were no eyelets. This photo will show you: http://www.cheekymonkey.com.au/transport%20images/coolbikes%20001.jpg
  • 05-05-2008
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    old man mountain

    i'd keep an eye out on eBay...