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    Security question

    With school starting back up in a few weeks I am debating on riding my 09' Trek 6500 to the campus quad. There are lots of bike on the quad at any given time. The longest period of time I would be away from the bike would be three hours. It would only be on campus during the day while I was in class. I plan on using locking skewers, kryptonite New York fahgettaboudit and kryptonite 10mm x 4 foot wire to add protection to front wheel and seat post. The bike rack is this type:

    What do you think. Am I safe or not?

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    You are never safe.
    Apparently, campuses are the worst places for bike theft.
    At work, I leave my bike locked to a rack, in a garage with pretty restricted access, and don't feel too badly about bike security.

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    the rack its self is good. You basically want to look for a rack that is fixed to the ground and can't be taken apart. The more solid the better.

    However perttime is correct, a college campus is one of the worst places for bike theft. You can take your chances, but if your ride is short then I would consider a beater bike.

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    This is indeed true. No lock is absolutely uncrackable by a skilled thief with the right tools and enough patience. That being said, if this is the only bike you have to commute on then I'd say with your set up it is about as secure as it's going to be. However, if it's practical for you to do so, I'd be inclined to ride or obtain a cheap beater bike for leaving unattended on campus!
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    I know on my campus, some people fukk up bikes for no good reason too.
    I've seen seats slashed, wheels tacoed, levers snapped...
    get yourself a 'beater'.
    Honestly... ahh I give up

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