Security Idea

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  • 04-23-2008
    Security Idea
    I had an interesting idea on my ride home from work, I was thinking about how to make a bike more theft resistant. Then it struck me, a removable stem, w/o the stem you can't ride the bike.

    I was thinking of a stem with a S&S coupler in it, you can unscrew the handlebars and take them with you. (only works for a fixxie) unless you have a cable spliter installed as well.

    Also you could put a S&S coupler on the seatpost and swap the seat and handlebars.....
  • 04-23-2008
    Not a bad idea, with some engineering I'm sure it can work. Its definitely the down side of owning an expensive bike.
  • 04-23-2008
    A good idea I think for sure, but that also gave me a good idea for security for geared bikes, right up along the lines of your idea... Why not bring an allen key to remove the end cap of your stem that holds on your bars off? It's small so you can easily keep it on you and it would be impossible to ride the bike... it would work quite well I would think, same idea...
  • 04-24-2008
    I'm pretty sure a good U-lock with a separate cable lock will work a little better...

    But I like that you're thinking out of the box..
  • 04-26-2008
    meny years ago (20,25) in england I saw a bike that had a box the size of a 6v battery bolted around the top tube,the guy that owned the bike gently inserted a key in it and turned it,as he was about to ride off I asked him wat it was,he said it was an alarm that worked by a mercury switch ,I was skeptikal,so he set it and as I went to move it a reasonable amount it gave out a really hi pitch skreel,I nearly shat me daks,defenitly a big deterant,he said he got it from germany at a cost of equivalent to about 10dollars,another idea mite be if you have a bike in the shed would be a pressure switch under the wheel