Salmon Sidewalk/Crosswalk Rider Charged in Collision-
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    Salmon Sidewalk/Crosswalk Rider Charged in Collision

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    It is always a good idea to yield to 2 ton vehicles doing 50 kph. I don;t have a lot of sympathy for this cyclist based on what was written. The truth may be different.

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    I have to tentatively agree; as written, the rider was a scofflaw -- much like what I see daily here (NE IN). While there's no "walk the bike in the crosswalk" law here, there IS the "same direction as traffic in the road" law, and it's routinely ignored by the ghetto masses, who almost universally pedal at about 6 mph. Some ride sidewalks (legal, no preferred direction by law), other ride streets.

    This rider is more or less guilty, simply by riding in the crosswalk. BUT, the driver -- ALL drivers -- have an OBLIGATION to let the crosswalk clear before going. (Might not be a LEGAL obligation, but it sure is a CIVIL one...)
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