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    Some interesting products there. Definite problems with all of them. I think the RFID solution is pretty intriguing, but it's impossible to implement if you have to rely on BOTH drivers and cyclists to install the equipment. IMO, the equipment installation should occur at the manufacturing or POS level, so the driver/cyclist doesn't have to think about it being there - it'll just work.

    Another consideration, though. I know for my commute bike I wouldn't mind that RFID block on the bike if it meant drivers got alerted when they got within a certain distance. But I'm also pretty sure that weight weenie roadies and mtbers who never touch pavement would be nonplussed about that extra equipment bolted on.

    If the tag could be lighter and be applied like a sticker, or even underneath the paint, and operate passively without any sort of external power source, I think you might be onto something. Any bike could have one, and it wouldn't be a burden. Build the detection equipment into all new vehicles and offer aftermarket detectors (maybe built into car GPS receivers and radio head units and such) and combine with a comprehensive detection system in the vehicle for pedestrians and kids and stuff and I think you'd have a good start on an excellent system that could phase in pretty unobtrusively.

    Hopefully with the improvement of self-driving car technology, application of these systems could become more active on the car's part. As in, when a detection is made, the car tracks the bike/pedestrian and when the safety zone around the vehicle is violated, the car makes corrections on its own (either braking, or steering to avoid the collision). Such a system would probably have applications in avoiding some car-car collisions, as well. Simply market it as a comprehensive collision avoidance system (such things are already appearing on the market voluntarily in some luxury cars).

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    ^^ Couldn't have said that any better.

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