• 01-19-2008
    Rough commuting: which wheelset

    Looking for a new wheelset for my daily commute (25 rough miles) and weekend fun (also probably draggin my 1 yo daughter in her trailer when the wheater's fine). The wheelset I'm looking for shall be fast and light (I'm only 150 lbs) and durable in rough conditions... It's kind of rainy all year long here in Sweden... :madman:

    My setup is a Cannondale Bad Boy 700 2008 (disc) and I'm currently using the Sun DS2 with Continental Sport Contact 28-622 summertime and Nokian W106 wintertime.

    I've been looking at several different wheelsets and can't really decide which one of them who serve me best:

    Mavic C29ssmax Disc
    American Classic MTB Disc
    Stans ZTR355 with Hope II Pro/American Classic/DT Swiss 240 hubs
    Sun Disc o Flea 29

    Anyone out there who could help me out with this?
  • 01-19-2008
    just from what i hear around the boards...

    stans w/ hopes. good stuff.
  • 01-19-2008
    stans with pro 2's are AWSOME:D Didi not like the crossmax29 too stiff and aluminum feeling
  • 01-19-2008
    Thanks for the feedback!

    I'm also considering a combo Niobium 27s with DT Swiss for roughly the same price as the Stans/Hope. What about that? Might be going for that one instead.
  • 01-19-2008
    I'd take the DT Swiss 240s over the Hopes any day of the week.