RIP, Bkecommuter who sought safer ride-
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    I presume the comment of a safer alternative route was essentially flippant. I assume there was no reasonable safer route or I would expect this cyclist recognizing the dangers of the road where he died, would have taken it.

    "Did not see him." Some drivers don't see fire trucks either and hit them and are charged. Just because a cyclist is more easily missed should not mean that a bulls eye has been painted on them by law enforcement.

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    The entire article is bs and victim blaming. Basically Texas DOT told him traffic flow trumps safety and then blamed him for being on the road at all. If the criminal justice system an govt won't protect cyclists, try the civil justice system. Start using and hope eventually the cost of safety outweighs the cost of being sued.

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    That was brutal to watch. The road looked ridiculously dangerous for a bicycle, and everyone interviewed was completely blase about the guy's death. I'm guessing bike ridership in Texas is pretty low and bike lanes not so common, so I'm not even sure what can be done about. Just feel fortunate to live in a city with some sort of infrastructure, inadequate as it may be.

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    ^ I would not like to have to ride that without a wide shoulder. It is too easy for someone to move right around a larger vehicle in the left lane, which would obscure a cyclist. They shift right only to find a cyclist is why the truck/SUV? whatever had moved left. Then be unable to slow enough soon enough to avoid the cyclist. A cyclist was killed on a similar road in Louisville two or three years ago. Or the driver may have been texting. Or half asleep at the wheel. Low cyclist numbers contribute. I looked up the area on Google Maps. There does not appear to be a reasonable alternate route. The next shortest might be twice as long. Though living to tell about the ride, has its advantages. Still, it shows a certain ignorance and lack of interest on the part of the person who said take another route. At 60 mph, a car moves almost 100 feet a second, so to give several seconds of being seen and recognized as a cyclist requires more rear lighting than a single blinky. A Dinotte 400R maybe? IMHO.

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    I have driven through that part of I-35 in Round Rock. those frontage roads are a f'n nightmare in a car on a GOOD day! in rush hour? that area is a parking lot. no bloody way would I even think twice about biking there. I say this guy was selling himself short by campaigning for a bike lane there. that area needs a dedicated cyclepath and nothing less. Austin proper is probably the only place in TX likely to do anything like that...but those northern suburbs...I doubt it. bunch of new money up there, and those people are going to bike commute in REALLY low numbers.

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