Ridding the Arroyo

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  • 05-21-2008
    Ridding the Arroyo
    Have about a 5 mile drive in to work or a 6 mile ride all down hill, Afternoon is a different story, but not to worried. What I am slightly worried about is the route. Best path I have found is by riding an Arroyo. Roads are full of autos with people yapping on their cell phones and quite a few busy intersections where riding would be ill advised. Commuter bike is a fixed gear and a little worried about goat heads. I would hate to flat at brake neck speeds especially when the bike is sans brake. Any advise for a method of making the commute safer?
  • 05-22-2008
    I go for overkill on my commuter bike. Yeah the weight may be excessive to some, but I don't want to be late to work because I had to fix a flat tire while sitting along side the road. I ride with Armadillo tires, tire liners, and use slimed tubes. It's worked great for the last 3 years with not one flat, even on the goat head littered Bosque Trail. I carry a kit that has a spare tube, patches, levers, pump, CO2 inflator and multi-tool. Knock on wood, I have never had to use it but have helped out others.
  • 05-23-2008
    rodar y rodar
    Instead of riding by the arroyo, ride IN the arroyo- WHOOHOO! But, really- what exactly are you worried about? The traffic? Like everyone here says, traffic just plain sucks. If there`s a way to avoid it, you`ll know how better than anybody else for your own situation- either skip it, deal with it, or don`t. Flats? Toughshell tires like those Armadillos or Passela Tour-guards do a fine (not perfect) job, as do slime and Mr Tuffy strips. As to your fixie situation, I don`t know. Lots of guys seem to like `em, but you won`t catch me on one of those contraptions. "Break-neck speed" isn`t really part of my life either. You could most likely put a front brake on your bike if you were inclined to do that. Good luck with your commute, however it goes.