remarkable things transported on your bicycle commute-
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    remarkable things transported on your bicycle commute

    The guy in the photo below is unbelieveable, but I know all committed bicycle commuters have, at one time or another, transported more stuff than we should.

    Once I carried a pair of American flags with 7' poles in a long protective bag. I lashed them to the bicycle cross bar and pedaled to the destination. It was remarkable how the inertia of the long poles affected the bicycle's turning response. It's the same force a tight rope walker experiences when carrying a balance pole.

    remarkable things transported on your bicycle commute-alaindelormetotem.jpg
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    I'm not really sure what that stuff is but even just boxes would weigh a bit! Probably more than you'd fit in a van. I wouldn't be surprised if he's only running a single or three speed hub too.
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    The loading or unloading is a puzzler unless you just cut or untie one line and the whole thing collapses. Imagine that in cross winds or a headwind.

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    Not quite as impressive as that guy, but still:

    Getting picked up to go home for christmas after work, should I drive in? Nah...
    remarkable things transported on your bicycle commute-christmas_luggage.jpg

    Gotta MTB over lunch:
    remarkable things transported on your bicycle commute-monkey_tow.jpg

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    Most interesting/popular is my 75 lb pitbull boxer mix.

    I've also transported a few other large items like:
    A set of shelves from Ikea.
    30 something gallon trashcan filled with yard waste (more than once) to the mulching center along my commute.
    Assorted yard tools to clear out overgrown section of the MUP.
    Not during the commute but at work I've given a few co-workers a ride around the parking lot.

    I really like having a cargo bike, even if I don't haul as much as that guy does.

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    A goodly haul from the farmers' market. Lost the pics of the propane tank, and the Thanksgiving turkey and groceries hauls.

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    I regularly transport myself and my huge ego.
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