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    Recumbent tires!

    Looking to get some recumbent tires I currently have 20 and 26 inch kenda kwest (1.5 width) need to be able to drive on Gravel and road alike without killing rolling resistance.. any suggestions?

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    Very few bents on this board, P_James. I would suggest BROL as the most traffic`d website for all things bent related. For shopping tires, I really liked Calhoun (now pparently called Perennial) because they had a very good selection AND have them clearly divided by sizes so you don`t have to wade through a bunch "wrong" 20s or 24s while looking for your specific bead diameter. Bike Friday also has a pretty good selection of 406 and 451.
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    I don`t know about gravel tires for bents- my bent (26/20 SWB) hated gravel, would wash out and pull every other nasty trick it could think of in order to convince me to reroute whenever I ventured off the asphalt. I have used Kwests and like them okay (cheap and pretty tough) but got to liking 1.5 Primo Comets better for low resistance cushy road riding. Have not tried many, though. Sorry I can`t be more helpful.

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    As a non rider, I can't comment on what works well, but the recumbent customers I've had have used Primos, as well.

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