Rear Rack Question

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  • 05-13-2012
    Rear Rack Question
    I have an older trek road bike that i'd like to throw a rack on. it has the mounts on the dropouts but not on the seat stays. How do i install a rack on this case? the only racks i've seen require them to be bolted to the stays.
  • 05-14-2012
    There are three options that I can think of.
    1) Get a seatpost clamp that had rack braze-ons built on the back of it.
    Salsa Rack-Lock Seat Collar > Components > Saddles and Seatposts > Seatpost Collars | Jenson USA Online Bike Shop
    2) Use some type of clamp on the seat stays to bolt the rack too. This is fairly common and your LBS should have them. They usually aren't for sale on the floor but if you talk to the mechanics they probably have some stashed away in a parts bin. link: oldmanmountain: Mounting Hardware
    3) probably not an option on a road bike but if you have V-brakes you can use longer mounting bolts and mount the rack to your brakes.