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    Rear blinky for helmet?

    Anyone have a helmet mounted rear blinky light they like? USB rechargeable would be prefered. Found far fewer options on Amazon than I thought I would. The few I saw use 2032s, which I could do but would prefer something rechargeable. Just looking for something secondary to go with my Cygolite Hotshot.

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    also interested, subscribed.

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    I use a Knog Frog tucked in one of the vents of my Lazer O2. They actually make a light for that helmet but the Frog fits so prefect I'm not worried about it. A co-worker just clips a Planet Bike Super Flash to the mechanism on the back of his Giro, not sure what model. You don't nessicarly need a helmet light, just go to the lbs and experiment.

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    Planet Bike has a little one that runs on 1 AAA and has a self-levelling bracket:

    Blinky 3H

    Also have a look at the Blackburn Central 20. It's USB-rechargeable, not too expensive, and what's distinctive about it is that there's no optic, just a pair of surface-mounted LEDs. So it sprays light EVERYWHERE, and aim isn't critical. Combine it with the Hotshot for the rifle-plus-hand-grenade effect. MTBR's review says about 30 lumens: Review: Blackburn Central 20 Rear Tail Light | Road Bike News, Reviews, and Photos

    I clip mine to the rear neckline of my ANSI reflective vest that I wear most of the time. But it has a very strong spring-steel clip and I could probably find a spot to zip-tie it to the helmet if I wanted. My Giro has a pesky dial thing in the middle of the rear mechanism so I can't clip lights onto that anymore

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    I rig a regular one (an old Blackburn I've used for many years) onto my helmet with a zip tie. The particular one I use offers some side visibility, too (not much, but some).

    I feel no real need to buy a special one for my helmet when I can make just about any blinkie work there just fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by big_papa_nuts View Post
    You don't nessicarly need a helmet light, just go to the lbs and experiment.
    Quote Originally Posted by NateHawk View Post
    I feel no real need to buy a special one for my helmet when I can make just about any blinkie work there just fine.
    Superflash clipped to a mini bungie cord on my helmet. Whether it`s rechargeable or not depends on what kind of batteries you choose to use.

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    You can adapt just about any rear blinky

    A Planet Bike Turbo:

    A little epoxy, a bit of wire, plastic tube, and wire ties:

    A pivoting mount. The Cygolite HotShot micro is a broader angle light an may not need much of a pivot mount:

    Name:  $_35.JPG
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    CygoLite Bicycle Hotshot Micro 2watt Headlight LED Bike | eBay


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    Thanks for the input guys, you all inspired me to go through my bin of old lights to see if anything I had would work. Sure enough I have a Blackburn light that fits on the back wedge of my helmet like it was made for it, just need a rubber band or something to mount it. Needs a new battery, but I think I have one of those somewhere too.

    Feel free to keep posting other solutions though, this is could be a good resource for others who are looking. If anyone has the perfect holy grail USB rechargeable solution, upgrades are always nice

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    I picked up a Vis360 this year. I use it in addition to the lights on the bike. I especially like the strobe setting, which does not flash the lights but fades them on/off.

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    Rodar, they make a USB rechargeable version now anyhow.

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    I use a cheap blinkey and buy 2032s in bulk (and sell them to my friends for a nice profit!).

    Just remember, they'll take a few months for shipping (and the current port worker strikes aren't helping).

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    I've got one of these small Serfas lights attached to my helmet. USB rechargeable and weighs next to nothing. I consider it my secondary rear light.|page:2
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    I clip the PB Superflash to the loop on the rear of my Bell Metro helmet. Works good as far as mounting, but sometimes I wonder if It's shooting at the sky.
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    Cygolite Hotshot mounted to the helmet. The seatpost mount worked perfectly to strap it to the rear of my helmet. Super bright, rechargeable and programmable.
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    +1 on the vis 360. I have been using it since they came out 5 or 6 years ago. I get numerous comments on how visible it is. Not cheap, but considering I am coming and going in the dark this time of year, well worth it for the added safety. All my commute and off road lights are L&M and the quality and support are second to none. They really stand behind their products if you ever have an issue.

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