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    rate the best place in the Americas to commute!

    Just wondering what the best places people have found in respect to commuting in the city core.
    Looking at such things as:
    1/ patient drivers
    2/ ability to bike on the roads during rush hours
    3/ city support for bike lanes (I know I know, some SOB published a couple of reports on how bad they are yak yak yak... but, at least the city is doing something to support cycling or encouraging it.) or at least wider shoulders or sorts
    4/ bike paths (I know I know again, bike paths turn into multi-recreational pathways for poop walkers, for playing sports, for picnics .... but, at least they are there for those that feel comfortable on them etc...)
    5/ tax breaks - I don't think any place in the Americas offer up tax breaks for cycling to/from work. (too imature economies I take it)
    6/ ROW (right of way to cyclists), like we'll ever see that in the Americas, but its worth an ask anyhow.
    7/ place of work accomodate cyclists - lock up, showers, etc...
    8/ roads clear of debris and bikeable area clear of potholes and such...
    9/ does the local media blame cyclists every time a bike accident occur (heck, do local cyclists blame the cyclist first before the automobile... I'm finding this is the case 80% of the time... man, the things we have bought into in the Americas. Big V8 thinking.)
    10/ the impossible one - anyone ever thank a cyclist for saving them some dough (in taxes, in conserving, in not polluting etc... 1001 thanks goes out to those that commute each and every day, especially during rush hour. It ain't easy at times. And, we are frowned upon by American society for the most part...)

    (we'd be in heaven if all the above criteria were met and I'm not sure any place on the planet would fit all of the above. Especially, not the Americas I take it, but I may be wrong. Please, prove me to be wrong!)

    I'm in Calgary, AB. It has to be one of the worst for commuting that I have seen.
    It's gotta be up there with Vancouver, BC.
    (sure they have bike paths, but I like cycling on roadways at times as its more direct and less hastle sometimes. But, the roads are so narrow and full of debris, its almost impossible in these two locations.).
    So, if your vacation includes commuting in these two cities by bike, I might reconsider.
    Rating for both: 2/7 (general rating not based on above)

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    hmm, maybe there'd be more replies if you were asking for the worst city for commuting. I'm curious, if you think Vancouver is one of the worst, what would be the best in Canada or elsewhere?

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    Although Salt Lake City has its share of issues when it comes to the cycle commute it really is much better then other places I have lived. They are more friendly here then like NYC and Boston. It does look like the city is trying to expand its bike lanes and some of the companies have accommodations for cyclists. My employer provides lockers, showers, and a bike parking area that has security cameras and is inside a gate controlled parking area. The city has a lot of room for improvement, but it would appear that it is trying to move in the right direction.

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    Well, I think Lincoln, Ne is pretty darn good.

    We are a small to medium sized city of 250K. We have bike lanes in our downtown area and something like a 100mi of paved bike paths. Everyone is free to have thier own opinion, but I don't see anything wrong with bike paths if they are well constructed. I do have the problem with the occasional jogger or dog walker, but otherwise I love using our bike paths because many times they have underground thru fairs at busy intersections, bridges over expressways, and user controlled stop lights at other crossings. I'm would rather use a bike path with less stops then busy city streets where I am "supposed to" follow the same rules that automobile drivers are demanded to follow. I mean, stopping at intersections and inhaling exhaust fumes is not my idea of a good bicycle commute.

    Anyways....you asked.

    Peace out

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