Ramming Speed Fridays

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  • 09-16-2011
    Ramming Speed Fridays
    I've discovered this phenomenon I like to call "Ramming Speed Fridays." I commute every day by bike, and by Friday I'm typically so fed up with my job that I blast away from the building in a flurry of pedals, handlebars and commuter acoutrements. Anything that gets between me and the weekend is in danger of being obliterated by my sheer speed and momentum.

    This afternoon was my first commute on my new mountain bike. I usually ride my Xtracycle with twenty pounds of "accessories" but this past week I've been riding the new bike just because.

    The excitement of riding the new bike, being done with a week's sentence of work and having the proper tire inflation (managed to get to work with both tires UNDER 30 PSI) resulted in my fastest commute home EVER! I averaged 20.9 mph for the 12 miles between work and home. That was an overall average, not just riding time. Considering the number of intersections I pass through getting out of town and getting into my neighborhood that's a pretty amazing average.

    Anyone else keep track of their commute average speed?
  • 09-16-2011
    Leopold Porkstacker
    I just found a job after having been unemployed for 2 years. Never really hated a job so much that it changed my mood, rather, all my rides, at least riding home from work, have been all-out sprints to see how fast I could go. I just started working again less than four weeks ago, and had my first two bike commutes this past week—the whole sprint-balls-out-as-fast-as-I-can approach still applies for rides home from work, and I like my job. But then again, I have been racing this year, and any “balls-out” riding workouts seem to apply to race training (my job is almost 15 miles away).

    I haven’t yet tried riding my Surly Big Dummy cargobike (essentially a purpose-built Xtracycle) to work, I work on the fourth floor—the stairs are steep, and the elevator isn’t big enough for my bike to fit—so I’m not sure if I want to try that yet (my Big Dummy has 30 pounds of lead-acid batteries for the Fiamm truck horns on it, in addition to several pounds of tools, spares, lights+batterypacks, etc.—whole package weighs over 90 pounds).

    I keep track of my commute mileage and speed using Strava.com:
    Climbing Competition | Strava

    (the two above commutes were done on a 42 pound Surly Pugsley).
  • 09-19-2011
    I'm a high school teacher. I'm blowing off steam most days on my ride home. I don't track my average, but I do pay attention to commute times. If I didn't have the commute home to take out my aggression, I'd have to kick the dog or something when I got there. :lol: