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    rain gear

    I got drenched on my commute the other day. I'm looking at some rain pants. Lightweight and breathable. On the top of my list are anything by Craft Cycling, Shower Pass, Gore (tho expensive i like the rain jacket i have), J&G cycling. I would love some feedback on any of these brands or maybe a brand I have overlooked. My commute is 10 miles each way, so even a light rain can get me pretty soaked by the time i get to work. warmth is not a huge issue as i would be layering underneath.

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    I ride with the Shower Pass Club Convertable pants. Overall I really like the quality of materials and the quality of the construction. Other likes include the zippered bottoms which allow you to put the pants on or take them off without having to remove your shoes (handy when it starts raining in middle of the commute), the built-in velcro straps to keep the pants from rubbing the cranks/drivetrain and the reflective stripes sewn in for visibility. My only complaint is they are just a tad bit tight in the thighs - but fit great everywhere else. I have "bikers thighs", but you would have thought Showers Pass would take this into account. I would recommend that you find a local shop where you can try them on before you buy.

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    thanks woodway. unfortunately none of the lbs's ever carry anything in my size, but i have skinny legs so that shouldnt be a problem for me.

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    try some of the kopen gear.. you can get it at dicks sporting good for not to much$
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    I ended up goign with shower pass converts. i found some at my lbs in my size and they fit good.

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    my .02

    try a one piece motorcycle rain jumpsuit
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    I have rain pants, which I use frequently while on foot, but rarely while riding. I can't stand to wear the pants without anything underneath, as they become sticky as soon as I start to sweat (which is inevitable even with breathable pants), and if I wear something underneath I overheat. I have baselayer bottoms I'll wear if it's really raining. They eventually get wet, but stay warm, dry fast, and can be switched for pants once I arrive at work.

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