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    Rack/pannier for offroad commute

    apologies if this has been covered...would appreciate a link if it has.

    I'm a daily bike commuter but need to up my capacity since i need to begin taking my laptop, so looking for recommendations on rack and pannier.

    My commute is mostly gravel path, and my bike is a 26" wheeled mtb with disk brakes and no eyelets/braze ons.

    are there sturdy seat post mount racks that could handle the weight of a laptop, clothes, food? most of the terrain is smooth, but there are more changes of direction than a typical road. is there some kind of setup where the rack has rails that can be attached in some manner other than braze ons?

    quick setup is also desirable since i do like to take the mtb out on the weekend on trails and would want to remove the rack/pannier.

    any help would be appreciated.

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    Do any of these work for you?

    Old Man Mountain: Pannier Racks For Any Bike

    You'll probably end up just riding with the rack on and no panniers.

    Otherwise Topeak has some stuff that might work for you.

    Get this rack: TopeakŪ Cycling Accessories
    And this bag: TopeakŪ Cycling Accessories
    The bag sides fold down into panniers when you need them. They also have a slightly smaller version if that is what you are into.
    If you go this route I would also make sure that if it rotates it won't start rubbing on the tire. Make sure it stops at the frame. I've never used this before but that would be more only concern. Maybe none of them ever hit the frame.

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