Planet bike fender folded and jammed in fork; common?-
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    Planet bike fender folded and jammed in fork; common?

    I just started bike commuting a few weeks ago and am loving it. I mind the rain less than i thought i would. I put a set of planet bike hardcore road fenders on my redline conquest disk-r and they went on fine, easy to adjust and all of that. I was initially impressed with them as they don't buzz or rattle, but found a very dangerous situation which i narrowly avoided a serious accident.

    I started out crossing an intersection and while standing and cranking, i turned the bars to the point where my toe rubbed on the fender. This has been pretty common, i lightly scrub my tire all the time, as my feet are size 14. This time i scrubbed against the fender, which caught on the tire. in an instant, my fender was turned inside out, jammed in the fork crown and completely stopped my front tire in the middle of a super busy intersection. I didn't wreck, but ended up having to grab my bike and run out of the way of traffic.

    I installed the fenders as noted in the directions and i did take note of the warning that the fenders reduce tires clearance. was expecting the fender to go out of adjustment and possibly scrub on the tire, but not catch and get stuck like it did. I had no idea this would be the result of what is for me, very common toe scrubbing. I took some pictures which i will post later.

    anyone have the same experience? will it be any better with another brand of fender?


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    I've not heard of it happening due to toe overlap but I don't doubt it could. Usually it's caused by sticks or whatever getting picked up by the tire and jammed against the fender stays. Some say smooth metal fenders are less prone to toe jamming; (hah!) because of their smooth finish and rigid design, they slide past your foot easier and not get hung up on either your toe or your tire.

    Or get SKS fenders--they have a plastic snap in "quick release," that allows the stays to pop out of them and hopefully prevent such accidents. Also, if you have toe overlap, it's a good to get in the habit of adopting your pedal stroke to avoid it. I.E "ratchet," the pedals when you have the wheel turned at an acute angle...

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    I gave up on fenders cause they where always jamming on something or another....or not giving any useful protection.

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    I had a plastic one snap in 2 going down my driveway... if I recall it was out of alignment from the bike being in my car...but it did not make the bike stop or cause an accident.

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