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    Paleo Anyone?

    I commute everyday, rain or shine. I live in Florida, so I commute in heat most of the year. I've recently gone "semi" paleo in my diet and I find that it works for me. My two questions to anyone that has gone paleo is this:
    1. What do you eat in the a.m.? I eat once I get to work, so it's dates and almonds, but I'm looking for more.

    2. Once you get to work-what kind of anti-perspirant/deordorant, soap... do you use once you get there?
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    Breakfast is often where I divert from paleo-diet. When closer to the diet, the meat left overs, salad, and veggies of supper the night before. I use Tom's aluminum free deodorant as I have issues with metals.


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    I'm Primal - basically same thing.

    I eat fat and protein for breakfast. Either a crustless quiche or 6-8 pieces of bacon with 3-4 eggs fried in the bacon grease. Fat = Energy. If i'm running late i'll bring a slice of quiche in my panniers and eat that at my desk. But almonds and dates are good too. Probably want to add a bit more fat somehow.

    My wife makes me a primal deoderant = baking soda + arrowroot powder + coconut oil + some essential oil for a bit of scent. Works really good actually but doesn't keep you from sweating. Super easy to make least it looks like it ; )

    Being primal I to try not to use too much soap - only on privates, arm pits, hands, and feet and ears. I actually use oil on my face or just rinse it. At home for my hair i use baking soda + water for "shampoo" and vinegar + water for "conditioner". It keeps your body's natural oils on your head/hair but cleans it. That way your body isn't contantly producing oil to replace what was stripped by the shampoo - actually making your hair even greasier... Anyways...if I shower before I bike in I just rinse off without any soap. But if i'm running late leaving the house I do the above there and just skip the hair.

    How to make your own cheap-ass organic face wash - this forum is awesome. Bascially Primal Finance : ) I haven't tried this yet but my wife just sent me the link so thought i'd share it since its sort of relevant.

    I'm pretty much 100% primal so am pretty well converted to fat burning. But at times i still have to load up on rice or potatoes for extra energy. 2 cents.

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    Primal? I have a friend who is really into/pushing the paleo thing, but I've never heard of primal.

    Sometimes I go medievil, but that is different...
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    Read, modify diet and loose weight.

    Our philosophy, program and community | Whole9 | Let us change your life.

    This is a stricter version of a Paleo diet. I did this to enhance my workout performance and shed what little fat I had at the same time. A lot of people talk trash about Paleo diets but they are probably cheating and not planning their meals. End result was increased workout performance, greater energy lvls, healthier lifestyle, lower body fat % and increased development of more lean muscle. I did this to the T for two months and now follow it at a 90% level. I currently implement some grains such as brown rice. There is a ton of info on the Internet and you don't need to buy a book. PM me with any questions.

    Things I highly recommend keeping around.
    - coconut butter to cook with and add good fat to anything. In a spoonful in my coffee each morning. It's even good by itself but will not change the taste of the food you cook it with.
    - grape seed oil for cooking at high heat
    - raw nuts (bulk section of grocery store)
    - avocado
    - eggs, natural bacon and avocado makes for a badass breakfast
    - fresh veggies but no beans out of a the pod.
    - pack snacks for mid morning and mid afternoon.
    - chipotle fast food is your saving grace if you get in a pinch. Salad bowl, meat, veggies and avocado. Done

    Read ingredients and watch out for any kind of preservative. Eating out is rough at first but you will learn what to order and you can always go ala cart.

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