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    opinions on a commuter bike.

    Hey guys im in the market for a commuter/beater for school this fall...i know its a little late for that but i think i found one. Its an 80's cannondale criterium with 105's. sorry for my noobness but if anyone could define what a 105 is that would be greatly appreciated haha. The ad says it needs new cable holders as well as new grip tape. Other than that it looks like its in decent shape.

    They are asking 300 for it. If i go see it and it it is good other than what was listed what do you guys think would be a fair offer for it?

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    105 is the level of the Shimano brand component group, not top of the line, not bottom of the line, it should be fine for commuting. The bike will be fast but also a little stiff/harsh riding since it is oriented toward crit races with fast sprinting and sharp turns. This might be tiresome on long distance rides, but for commuting distances it probably won't bother you, especially if you are a younger person.

    I'm not sure what they sold for originally, but for $300 I would expect an 80's bike to be in good shape, some scratches, etc., but no significant rust, and not in need of big repairs.

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    okay yeah it will be ridden for max 15 minutes at one time. Im not sure of what shape it is in hopefully the owner will email back and ill be able to check it out since the ad pictures are tiny. The paint looks like its in pretty good shape though. hopefully it doesnt need much work

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    For a short, sporty commute, the C'dale will be fine. You're young, too (I assume) so can handle the hamering that you'll get from the frame.
    I used to own a 3.0 Criterium series ('88 I believe). It was crazy stiff, sprinted like a demon, cornered like crazy, and it beat the hell out of me on anything longer than 15 miles. That bike begged to be raced on tight, fast circuits, hence the name.

    If that is not what you're after, pass.

    The price isn't unreasonable, but I'd say it is a touch high. Offer 275 and see if he bites.

    Oh, and make sure it fits. If it is too small (or too large) it is worthless.
    For a bike like that, a good "quickie" size check is to straddle the top tube in bare feet. 1/2" to 2" clearance is an acceptable range. On the test ride (have the seller help you adjust the saddle to a reasonable height) see you you feel on the bike.
    Just know that the bike is a racing bike that is specifically designed for a type of race that is short, fast and full of high speed corners (versus a road race, which is over longer distances in varied terrain). Because of this, it will have super responsive steering, and may feel "edgy".
    Such a bike does not offer much forgiveness, and a moment's glance over the shoulder can yield a dramatic swerve if you haven't learned the proper technique.

    I don't mean to dissuade or scare you, but you are essentially looking at the bike equivalent of a racetrack oriented car to get to and from class.
    A more practical bike might make more sense, unless you plan on dabbling in the world of bike racing.
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    thanks for the info guys. i am still young so im sure that wont bother me too much, itll probably be like riding sections with lots of roots on a hard tail just not as harsh (hopefully) haha. If its still for sale and ill probably take it for a ride and test fit and what not but i will definitely keep looking

    thanks again!

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