One bikecommuter helps another-
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    I got four things from that article. 1) Always carry a spare tube and or patch kit and a pump. 2) Few if any people are going to jeopardize their job for a stranger who didn't take certain easy precautions, then found themselves in a bad way. 3) There are some very nice, kind, giving people who are willing to help out the Scarlett O'Hara's of the world (people who depend on the kindness of strangers), Karma will hopefully give that gent a winning lottery ticket. 4) When riding at night, a long way from home, in the rain, always, always, always, carry a spare tube and or a patch kit and pump.
    The ridiculousness of cycling clothes increase exponentially in relation to the distance from your bicycle.

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    Aside from being an idiot and riding with no tire repair means, it appears he did not fully explore ways around the dilemma.

    I assume you are allowed to bring packages onto a bus? I wonder if he had dismounted the wheels and cable locked them to the frame into a 'package' of sorts as that would make it a collection of bike parts and no longer a bike? For that matter, it would not much be much bigger than a folder, anyway. If there was still concern about it becoming a projectile, it could be cabled locked to a pole. The bus driver would have his loophole and CYA defense.


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