• 10-04-2014
    NYC Crackdown has not made cyclists safer
  • 10-04-2014
    To me dedicated cycling lanes is the most black and white way to keep cyclists safe. Also the more of us the better, strength in numbers.
  • 10-06-2014
    All they do is ticket the jackasses who blow red lights and stop signs, but that's not usually when cyclists get hit. Sure, it happens sometimes, but not usually. If they really want to make cyclists safer, they need to create better infrastructure and teach drivers how to behave around cyclists. Don't get me wrong, I do think cyclists should be tickets for blatent disregard of the law, but we shouldn't be targeted in a "save them from themselves" type of campaign. You'll see 100 drivers run red lights and cops don't give a crap, but as soon as a cyclist does it everyone is up in arms claiming cyclists are a bunch of dangerous scofflaws.