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    Nice pictures. I like your commute shots better, though.

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    Love this one from 6th Ave in Manhattan...

    NYC Commute Pix-nyc-bike.jpg

    The Times’s Damon Winter took this photograph the other day. “On the ground, I can imagine how hectic it must be for this cyclist riding through traffic up Sixth Avenue,” he said of the scene, “but from the elevated vantage point of a nearby building, even New York City traffic takes on a certain order.”
    June 23, 2013 Damon Winter/The New York Times

    This one captures the mood too...

    NYC Commute Pix-snow-nyc.jpg

    Librado Romero/The New York Times
    Spring is here, but snowstorms are a favorite time for Librado Romero to get out and shoot — and at night, all the better. “The snow adds texture and movement, like a painting,” he said of this January picture from 10th Avenue in Manhattan. “The lone figure surrounded by the light-show becomes a symbol of the survivor.”
    March 24, 2013

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    I'm glad I don't commute in NYC, seriously looks terrifying to me. I'll take super-wide two lane roads over that any day.
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    Best way to see ANY city

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    Quote Originally Posted by AaronSpringer View Post
    I'm glad I don't commute in NYC, seriously looks terrifying to me. I'll take super-wide two lane roads over that any day.
    I don't live in NYC but I take my bike up there a few times a year when visiting family. Honestly, I find it less sketchy then riding in many rural areas I've actaully found wide roads some of the scariest because the cars have plenty of room so they don't slow down. I'd rather have a car squeeze by me at 25 than give me three feet at 60.

    Thing about riding in the city is that the cars are not going much faster than you are (if you stay off certain streets, you have to keep that in mind), and they are very used to bikes. And assuming you are not blowing red lights and riding the wrong way in traffic, you are way ahead of half the riders there in terms of safety.

    Plus NYC has been doing a lot in terms of protected bike lanes.
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