Not riding a bicycle is hazardous to your health-
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    Its a good article, but its just easier to get in your car to get beer and cigarettes. My car owning co-workers say its such a hassle, and they don't feel safe. Yes I will say carrying a bike with 50lbs of groceries is a bit of hassle up a set of stairs in an apartment. We as a human race need a mindset change and get away from automation in general. We are literally letting machines take over our lives. Time to get back to some good old manual labor.

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    Our society and economy is auto and petroleum driven. Greed and sloth will be the downfall of our species. We are all cogs in this machine, like it or not.
    Tequila tonight, tomorrow we ride!

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    It's funny I was at the gym one day and this trainer was pushing the training program, and she commented about how the bike takes care of my cardio, but asked me ho far I ride to the gym, I said about 5 miles, she said that's a long way, I said really, that's not even a warm up.

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