Normal for rack bolts to come loose?-
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    Normal for rack bolts to come loose?

    Just got back from a grocery run, and after unloading I went back to unstrap the U-lock and that's when I noticed that the rear rack was a bit loose. I'm thinking didn't it have a solid feel before? I then inspected the rack and nudged it here and there and soon found the problem. One of the bottom bolt that bolts the rack leg to the drop-outs fell off and the other one on the other leg was on the brink of falling off! I tightened that one back and for the missing bolt I got one of the two unused water bottle bolts.

    My question is this normal? I'm thinking the vibration must have done this. How can I keep them on snug and tight?

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    Yup, it's just vibration. Things shake loose, it happens. Just tighten the bolts good and tight without bunging the heads and it should be fine. If it becomes a persistent problem, you could try some thread locking gunk like Loc-Tite but it probably won't be necessary.
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    Yeah, I have trouble with them too. For some reason, they seem to me more vibration prone than any other bolts- no idea why. I now put Loc-tite on all of mine (brake bolts too) and use lock nuts on through-bolts. If you do that, just make sure you don`t use the super strength permanent stuff.

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    +1 on the loctite
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    It happens. I check my bolts fairly often, they're never loose, but I'm paranoid. If it becomes a problem, add just a drop of blue loc-tite.

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