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    Nexus Hub Drag

    Not new to commuting but I am new to this hub. I bought a Specialized Globe Elite from a buddy that had 29 miles on it. He custom built the bike with some Velocity rims laced to a Nexus 8 speed hub. So far I like the bike, I've put about 80 miles on it, but I was wondering if the rear hub becomes smoother once it is broken in. The drag feels kind of substantial and the engagement isn't as snappy as geared bikes I've ridden. Also, is there any maintenance I need to do to this hub on a regular basis?

    I apologize if this topic has been covered. I used the search function but didn't see any real discussion on this hub except people talking about building bikes with the Nexus hub. Thanks in advance for any info you folks can provide.

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    Nexus hubs take around 500 miles to wear in. After that gear changes will be slightly better, as for drag - that should improve too. They don't need frequent maintenance but every year or two wouldn't be a bad idea(click here: how to).

    Search RBR as a few people have converted bikes to Nexus.

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    Random thoughts on Nexus

    I had a Redband 8 on a commuter for about two years and for the most part I liked it. Some observations and comments:

    I didn`t notice any drag when it was new or after braking it in. IME, shifting was mostly dependant on the cable and housing- I don`t think the return spring is as strong as on most RDs. I wouldn`t call the shifting "snappy", but it didn`t cause me any problems- it isn`t race gear by any means. I didn`t stop pedaling to shift, but generally let up a bit. In a sprint from the stoplight or similar situations, I did occasionally shift under hard pedaling, but the hub didn`t seem to like it much. Shifting while stopped was totally awesome, something that I never knew I wanted until I could do it. It`s probably what I miss most in post Nexus life every time I have to slam on the brakes for a car backing out of the driveway in front of me. I remember that one gear was a litttle noisy (was it four or five?), as noted by many others on various forums. It was like that from day one until the last day I rode it and I just ignored it or, when it was dark out, used that noise as an indicator to help me remember which gear I was in (as though that matters for anything). A lot of people on the internet seem to have trouble unmounting the wheel- I never could understand why. Unhooking the cable was easier for me than fighting the chain and RD on my derailled bikes. I tried to service the hub one time by the method that Majura gave you via Sheldon Brown. I couldn`t get the "dust cap" off (step 6 in that sequence) and went into internet search mode to find out what I was doing wrong. I never learned that, but I did find out that Shimano no longer recomends that method- they now use an oil bath and sell an expensive kit to do it. Following suggestions I read on some obscure Yahoo group, I did my own oil baths using ATF from the auto parts store and a cut down plastic container. It seemed to work, but I can`t vouch for the lifespan- I probably put 2500 miles on my Nexus and it left me in good shape. Would it make it 2501 miles? 6000? 20,000? No idea. Yes, there ARE members on rbr who use or have used Nexus, but not many. BF Net has a lot more of them- that`s where you`ll get help if you need it. The two main reasons I gave that bike away and wnet back to derailler were weight and gear range. If you`re happy with both of those, keep on cruisin!

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