• 08-27-2013
    New Seat...cost me my tail light.
    Agh! Had a new seat delivered to work today, excitedly mounted it. Had to make some adjustments on the way home. A courteous driver actually honked at me just after coming through an intersection...pulled onto the shoulder and said "Hey...I think something just fell of your bike...maybe a light or something..."

    I rode back and found the Serfast TL-200 smashed to bits in the road. Must not have secured it well enough after adjusting my seat. Well...at least he was nice enough to let me know. Loved the 1watt TL-200.

    So...on the hunt for another blazer of a tail winkie. Ideas? Might just replace it with another TL-200.
  • 08-27-2013
    I like the 2-watt HotShot though its main beam is a bit narrow, that allows it to be seen for a long distance in the day and at least a half mile at night.

    Amazon.com: hotshot bike light

    Mine is pushing 2 years old and cost me $25 then, about what my Planet Bike 1 W Turbos cost each. The hardware and the mount are not as robust as I might like so I screwed mine semi permanently into a spare planet bike mount. Not so QR anymore.