New commuter rig!-
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    New commuter rig!

    I'd been looking for a new ride for a while, since my last commuter(1970s era Windsor 10-speed) was stolen from outside of my house. In the meantime, I've been riding my buddy's single-speed Schwinn flat-bar urban bike, which was good enough to get around, but I like having gears especially if ever want to take a longer rides.

    I wanted a reasonably priced flat-bar road bike. 80% commuting, but occasional longer ride and maybe some touring when the weather turns. The bike that kept coming up in my research was the Jamis Coda and I was about to check them out at a local shop when I decided to give craigslist a spin on a whim, and what do you know...a local was selling a Jamis Coda in my size (19.5) for a price to good to resist. Picked the bike up today, took it for a quick spin around the hood in the rain and I can tell I'll mesh with it just great. Super stoked! And have some cash left over for some farkles (supposedly these really liven up with carbon forks). Bike in question:

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    enjoy man
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    Congrats on the new bike. Enjoy the ride!
    The pedals turn, not just the left one, but the right one too.

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    Nice looking ride!

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    had to google farkles. not a word I've seen around here before.

    looks like it'll make a nice commuter. agreed that swapping a cheap rigid fork with a good carbon one is a solid upgrade. esp if it's a cheap alu rigid fork. those suck.

    I like having my commuter equipped to be a dedicated commuter. fenders, mud flaps, rack, lights, etc.

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    Thanks for the positive vibes everyone. I come from the motorcycle world, where farkles are basically slang for aftermarket accessories, especially in the touring/offroad side of things. Not sure which way I'm gonna go yet, I definitely want to use the bike for some recreational riding, maybe some touring. In any case, it's exciting to have a modern road bike for a change.

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    Very nice!!!!

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    New commuter rig!

    Looks sweet! Congrats man.
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    I think I've still got it bad. Unicycles? No. But if it has two wheels, and looks at all fun to ride, I'm a goner. This one looks like a lot of fun.

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