New Bike: Help Recommend Rack and Bags-
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    New Bike: Help Recommend Rack and Bags

    I've been commuting more often, and was tired of switching my el mariachi from singletrack mode to commuting mode. So, I just ordered a Diamondback Haanjo 3... got that sucker for 665 bucks! This bike will serve as my commuter/around-town/ride-to-the-beach/gravel bike. I figure if I get a rear rack and some panniers I could take it off easily when I occasionally go on a group road/gravel ride.

    Anyhow... any recommendations on a rear rack, and some bags? I have seen some insulated bags that go on top of the rack. That would be a huge plus for beach days for me. Besides that I figure I could use one or two panniers that are waterproof for carrying my clothes/sometimes a computer to work. I want quality equipment, but nothing fancy... think the "XT" level of rack/bags. I really know nothing about them, so pointers would be very much appreciated from experienced commuters.

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    Different ways to go about this. You can get a rack that clamps to your seat post and is easy to remove for the group rides. I tried this and I didnít like that it wasnít as solid as a rack that bolts to the frame of the bike.
    I ended up getting a rack that has extra side rails to hang the panniers on. A lot easier to get the panniers on and off if you use a trunk bag. It also lowers the center of gravity of your load as well. The rack I got is the Add It by Racktime:
    But many other brands make a similar design.

    For the pannier, look at Ortitlieb products such as the Backroller.
    They can be a bit pricey, but durable and have a nice retention system that is easy on/off and can be tilted to avoid heal strike.

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    I've been happy with the Topeak BackLoader for bringing a change of clothes in to work:

    Not having anything on my back is nice. It was less expensive than a rear rack and bags.

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    I have a Tubus rack and Ortlieb panniers. I couldn't be any happier with the setup. I installed the rack and panniers and haven't had to fool with em since. I use em daily.

    I ordered it from the Touring Store

    I think you get free shipping and no tax outside of Colorado. He helped me make sure everything I was getting would fit also. I can't recommend em enough.
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    I like this guy

    It is a little more "streamlined" in the looks once mounted onto the bike. It will only do side panniers, so that is a downside, but the struts are very adjustable on the height, so you can really tuck it close to the tire if you like.

    It is getting a little harder to find the Toba products stateside however...
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    For the rack I put on the Tortec Velocity (in black) no good for bags on the top but excellent with My Ortlieb classic rollers
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