need your opinions please.-
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    need your opinions please.

    So when my son gets his license this sept i am giving him my truck.
    I am going to experiment with going car less.
    I will have a once in a lifetime $2000 budget to do this.
    Honestly I foresee more bike commuting to work (already do quite a bit) and small errands and grocery runs.

    Here is where i need some input.
    I have narrowed it down to a:

    A new Surly Long Haul trucker (off the shelf) and all the racks and bags and a new saddle.
    refurbishing my 1986 Panasonic 26" MTB.

    The latter choice affords me new Inglehart forks with disc mounts, phil wood hubs, Salsa gordo rims, other goodies, top of the line racks and pannys, Brooks saddle, and a paint job. I like this bike and it is comfortable.


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    Panasonic! Way more character!
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    I`d sure like to see pics of the Panasonic.

    Really, I`d think either one should do the trick. Are you more comfortable with flats or drops? That`s probably the biggest question. Although you could likely set up either frame with whatever kind of bars you want. I`m with the post above that the mtb would be a more interresting bike- how many LHTs are running around town every day? How many 86 Panasonics, let alone that yours is an mtb frame? Of course, there`s a reason there are so many Truckers out there.

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    Yeah, I'm going to have to go with the Panasonic too. Not riding your BMX bike to work any more?
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    The gears are spoiling me... the cruiser gives me dirty looks as I wheel the panny out of the garage.

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    I don't know if I would throw down much money on a bike that will have a high risk of being stolen and used in all sorts of weather conditions. Get rid of the gears and do SS panasonic.

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    From a strictly utilitarian perspective, I would ordinarily point to the Surly, but oooh an Inglehart fork, Phil Wood hubs, Brooks saddle and a new paint job on a Tange steel frame! Yeah! I would go for that. But that would also leave me looking for a dedicated commuter 'cuz I wouldn't have the heart to leave it locked up outside.

    Post pics if you fix up the Panasonic.
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    How many miles a week are you going to be riding? What does a "grocery run" mean to you? Where will it be stored/locked up while you are at work?

    Something else to consider in your budget... if you are going to go carless and ride everywhere you will want to buy some good lights (bright headlight and seizure-inducing rear flashers) which are not cheap. Also good rain gear, etc.

    Props on your mission. I've gotten to where I really hate driving my car around town.
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    Go old school for commuting.
    Show your son that a 30 year old MTB can still haul the mail with some modern upgrades.
    The 80s MTBs are very comfortable, with the classic diamond frame.
    Like umarth said, you don't want a pricey commuter bike unless you can keep it inside your workplace.
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