Need tire decision for my wife's commuter-
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    Need tire decision for my wife's commuter

    Don't want to be in dog house, help

    Salsa Vaya, 26/559 tires. Came with these chunky 47/1.75" fat Conti TourRide tires that are several tears old and cracking.

    Need tire decision for my wife's commuter-tour-ride-ct-s1-01.png

    Need a proper smooth tarmac tire, thin and lighten it up a smidge... But still tough... Still holds air good day to day so she isn't having to think about pumping it up all the time like on our 23c roadie bikes.

    First look was Conti Gatorskin, there is a 28-559 tires. But that's probably going to be 80-85 psi... And probably need pumping twice weekly? And may not have all that great weight carrying capacity.

    Marathon Supreme HS 469; nice smooth tarmac tread. Tough. 42-559 is bit thinner than now, should still be in the 50range for psi I reason. Reflex stripe! But kind of pricy at $75/tire.

    Need tire decision for my wife's commuter-_detail_marathon_supreme_0.jpg

    Conti Sportcontact has a 42-559. Low pressure. Smooth-ish tire, wierd dotted pattern, but at least not knobby. Don't have price, but should be cheaper.

    Need tire decision for my wife's commuter-sport-contact2-ct-s1-01.png


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    It looks like you`re considering quite a variety. Not sure exactly what you want, but I use one of the listed tires in a different width and personally am happy with it. Conti Sportcontact 26 x 1.3 has a much different pattern fro the dots in your pic (at least the US version, not sure where you are). They`re cheaper than Gatorskins, narrower and undoubtedly er... "less heavy" than those Tour Rides, smooth in my tread and probably in the "dot" version as well, wear well, and not picky about pressures. I usually air up my 1.3s to 3.5 bars, and have let them get down so low that my gauge barely registers without pinching. Their relative downsides compared to the other tires I use for similar applications are that they`re stiffer and heavier than my "foofoo" Paselas, therefore don`t ride as nicely. Much tougher, though. All in all, a reasonable choice IMO.

    FWIW, Paselas are my favorites, but ONLY in good conditions. I really can`t recommended them for hazardous duty or where dependability is a high priority.

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    I'm not much of a Schwalbe fan, primarily because their tires cost a bit more than a lot of others, and I'm not sure they're that much better.

    I do like Conti's options. I currently ride something similar to the TourRide on my Vaya (with 700c wheels). It's actually an older Specialized tire for hybrid bikes with their lower level puncture protection (not their Armadillo casing). I pried a pretty big chunk of glass out of it recently that had not punctured the tube inside. I like this sort of tire for reliability's sake.

    I'm not a fan of tires like the Sport Contact for commuting. I'm sure it rides nicer than the TourRide, but for a commute bike, reliability is a higher priority for me. That's pretty similar to what rodar mentioned about the Paselas. I know people who have those tires, and yeah, they're a really supple, nice tire...but they're not a particularly rugged one.

    I like that I can take my Vaya onto some pretty gnarly "roads" and not think twice about it. That begs for a tire that can handle that sort of riding. I have my eyes on the Clement XPlor tires for my next set of rubber on my Vaya (unfortunately they only come in 700 diameters). They'll definitely be lighter than what I've got now, but they're also designed for exactly the sort of riding that I like to do with my Vaya. Probably quite a lot grippier. The tires I have on now have some age on 'em. The rubber isn't especially soft for lots of traction anymore. They're not cracking, so they're still serviceable.

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