So the Vaya frameset I had my eye on sold a day or two before I could place the order. Gah! 2014 models aren't showing up just yet. I could wait if I can't find anything soon, I guess.

I've been looking around for something I could use as a commuter/monstercross bike. Poked around the classifieds, local craigslist, ebay...seeing a lot of junk and stuff I don't think would work right.

I've got pretty much all the parts I'd need except the frame and maybe fork. I have a carbon cx disc fork, so if I can track down a disc-compatible cx frame or something that would work with a short a-c fork (309mm), I'd be interested.

It HAS to have room for 135mm hubs, and I'd prefer space for 40mm tires as a minimum. Anything used needs to be in the 54cm/medium/17-18" range.

I'm going to run it as a 1x10 with flared drops (On-One Midge bars) and BB7's. There are some sweet frames in the classifieds, but they are too big for me (and some are way over my price goal of $300-$400).