Need help picking a commuter-
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    Need help picking a commuter

    Ok im looking at either a Trek or Giant since these are the only two my lbs carries.
    First is the trek

    Second is the giant

    Right now im commuting with a Giant Brass 2 and im looking for something lighter to ride. So which one would be better?
    My commute is 3.5 miles on pavement and its hilly. I would be using it for errands around town also so speed isnt really needed.
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    Hi, it may help to edit your post & add some info about about your commute (how far, just pavement?, smooth or bumpy?, hilly? in-town?) and what else you plan to use the bike for (long rides or just errands etc.). The Trek looks more commuter friendly to me, but if you're going further and have smooth roads the Giant may be faster. I assume the Giant has steel wheels though (not specified) instead of alloy, which could slow it down some.

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    Based on the links provided, I would choose the Giant. It looks like it is spec'd out better than the Trek, although the Giant is more expensive.
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    If you can you should ride both and then decide. The Giant will probably feel a little more stretched out and perhaps a little lighter. The Giant is lot closer to a road bike than the Trek,caliper brakes vs. v-brakes, narrower tires (28s vs.35s), higher range of gearing (bigger chainrings), and again the poition should have a longer reach. Again, ride both and then decide, I bet both will be fun.

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    I'd be a little leery of the Trek because of that 7-speed drivetrain. Is it a cassette or a freewheel? There's a reason freewheels aren't the standard anymore, and if you're at all heavy (I'm around 155 pounds today, avatar aside) you can bend the axle in a threaded hub spaced for a 6- or 7-speed freewheel pretty easily. I also don't like to buy things that are too many generations behind current - 7-speed cassettes and freewheels aren't always easy to find when you want one "right now" and you need to know which one you're looking for.

    Are you going to be using racks and fenders? Both bikes look like they've got the eyelets and braze-ons for fenders and a rear rack, but the Trek gives you two sets in the back and an additional set in the front for a front rack. The Trek also has lower ratios available, so if you're laden you'll be happy to have that, although the stock cogs would make me unhappy.

    Also looks like Giant spec'd their bike with road components and a flat bar road cockpit, and the Trek has MTB components. So they both have some parts that will be tricky to find. For me, one of my big concerns would be the rear wheel setup. I'd want 130mm dropout spacing and a freehub for ease of replacement - 700c rims on 135mm wheels can be a PITA to find, and 7-speed freewheel hubs blow.
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