• 09-26-2009
    NC-17 Trekking 4.5 Super Riser Bar
    Hi all, since my knee still doesn't let me ride on mountains, I'm willing to improve the transformation of my old ht into a commuting/road/hybrid bike.
    My primary goal is to reach a perfect ergonomy, in order to prevet stressing my knees and speed up the rehab.
    At first, I wanted to go for a road setup, with drop bar and such, cos' at least I'd like to ride again on hill roads, to feel some speed wich I miss.

    Then I came across the commuting/hybrid world, and I thought it might be the way to go.

    I don't like to have a trekking bike, still want something to go fast downhill and climb uphill, but I think a different shape of the bar, like "mustaches" or such would help on the flat.

    On CRC I saw the NC-17 Trekking 4.5 Super Riser Bar, which I like a lot, but I'm afraid it won't let me handle my bike at high speed like my riser mtb bar does now. Is that true?

    If anyone has it, does it rise the front end too much for road riding? Any pics so I can evaluate?

    Any cheap alternatives? (How does the H-bar work?)

    thanks all.

  • 09-26-2009
    rodar y rodar
    I wish I could answer your questions, but I have no idea. It`s kind of ironic though that you`re able to ride (or at least hoping to) on the road when your knee gives you trouble on mtb. It`s the other way around for me, even though it seems to me that mtb should be a lot harder on the knees. Good luck- I hope you find a work around.