my first commute!-
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    my first commute!

    I recently decided to get off the dreaded bus and start committing to school. It was about 47 degrees F and i was in shorts ,when i first started riding my legs when numb but the rest of my body felt really good. once i arrived at the school and i got in my legs were on fire. i had to sit down for a while till my legs chilled down. has this ever happened to anyone else,is it normal?
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    I wear shorts down to 40 or so...below that and I get that feeling you're talking about, depending on the length and difficulty of the ride. I'd say it's totally normal, especially if your body isn't conditioned to the ride or the temperature. You get on the bike and start using your legs, and at first they're cold, so the circulation increases, and your body compensates, but then the cold gets deeper and deeper into the tissue, and the circulation slows down, resulting in lack of oxygen to the muscles you're demanding some serious work out of... you think you're fine, but when you stop, you have serious lactic acid buildup and no way to transport it out of your muscles, because your circulation is like molasses in January. You feel the burn until your body is able to get the crap out, and the oxygen in (in the quantity your muscles are demanding). A huge part of regular training is building blood vessles to parts of the muscle that you don't usually use. As you get more regular about it, you will be able to transport more oxygen deeper into the muscle tissue, and you won't notice it nearly as much.

    I'm a firm believer that you can seriously adapt yourself to cold weather training. By February, I'm riding in colder temps and in less clothing than I would have dreamed of in November. I have to recondition every year. An early cold blast makes me think I'll never survive below 20 degrees, and by January I'm riding in single digits and thinking very little of it.
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    I wear knickers all year in Wisconsin. Tall socks help. If you're warm, pull them up. Cold, push them down.

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    I never have any problems with my legs- fingers, toes, ears and nose are always my problem zones. Congratulations on your bike commute. Keep it up and you`ll start working out what you need to do to stay comfy. Everyone is different, so nobody else can do any more than offer suggestions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmucker
    I wear knickers all year in Wisconsin. Tall socks help. If you're warm, pull them up. Cold, push them down.
    You sure about that?

    Also, congrats on the commute!

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