I know a lot of people ask questions about what kinda of bike is best for commuting, so I thought I would explain why I've picked what I did.

The bike is just a basic 52cm Soma Smoothie ES with a Jamis cro mo fork using canti brakes in the front and caliper brakes in the back. I used some Ritchey stuff I had laying around for controls and the brooks saddle just had to be there. The bike easily fits full fenders with 28c tires (which is what I run) For the winter I can ditch the fenders and run a set of 32c treaded tires with out issue. The drivetrain is a mix of shimano stuff, but the heart of it is the old school 105 8 speed shifter/brake levers. These old things just work! wet, dry, muddy, gritty they just work, they arn't the fastest shifters in the world but they always shift and shift well. The wheels just ended up there after I flat spotted a set of ultegra/open pros. I think after 700+ miles on the bike I've built the best commuter I could. I use this on roads, rail trails, and its even seen some mild single track it handles it all without complaint. I'd like to get a new rear wheel laced to my old hub and go back to a 32h wheel setup but for now the ksyriums will do. I like the rack on the back but just bungee my messenger bag to the back in case I need to throw the bag on my back and haul something. The frame bag acts as a glove box for my wallet, keys and phone.

Most of the parts came from my bin however I had been hording stuff to build this bike for a couple months. I'm happy with how it came out.