Munich to Stuttgart, Germany Ride Report & Pics (159 mile day)-
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    Munich to Stuttgart, Germany Ride Report & Pics (159 mile day)

    After completing a ride from Stuttgart to Heidelberg, Germany (Photos) and a ride from Stuttgart, Germany to Lauterbourg, France (Photos), I decided to try riding from Munich to Stuttgart, Germany.

    I mapped out the route that I planned on riding (Route) and purchased my train ticket online (19 Euro for a one way train ticket from Stuttgart to Munich). I mapped the route through Augsburg and Ulm so that I could easily catch the train home if I couldn't complete the ride for whatever reason.

    The night before the ride, I pre-staged my bike and everything that I planned on taking with me for the ride. The morning of the ride I woke up at 4am, got dressed, ate breakfast, and was out the door a few minutes before 5am. The weather had been crappy for days leading up to the ride and the morning of the ride was no exception. The forecasts for each of the 4 main cities that I would be riding through was cloudy with a chance of rain with highs as high as in the mid 50s and lows in the low 40s. However, I decided to tough it out and attempt the ride anyway.

    I arrived at the Stuttgart train station just before 5:30am and boarded my train that was scheduled to leave at 5:53. After riding on the train for a while and seeing some of the towns that I'd be riding back through, thoughts of "What the hell was I thinking?" and "I'm going to have a very long ride bike!" began to hit me. I arrived at the Munich train station at 8:19am and was on the road headed back to Stuttgart about 8:35am.

    The weather wasn't as good as I would have liked it to be and my hands were numb for about half of the ride from being wet and cold. However, I had a great time (or as good of a time as I could have had considering the weather) and I'm glad that made the trip.

    I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked to for a number of reasons (wanting to make it home as quick as possible, it being rainy for most of the ride, my hands being numb half the time, etc.), but some of the pictures that I took are posted below with a link to all of the pictures I uploaded from the trip at the very bottom.

    Mile 0

    Pre-staged the night before

    Out the door at 5am

    Arrived at Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof (Main Train Station)

    Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof

    My train to Munich

    Bike storage on the train

    Stuttgart Fernsehturm (TV Tower)

    Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof

    Train to Munich

    Train to Munich

    Arrived at Munich Hauptbahnhof

    Munich Hauptbahnhof

    Maisach Rathaus (Town Hall)

    Church (I don't remember what town it was)

    I thought a town named Kissing was different


    Pitstop at McDonalds

    Loose gravel trail

    Dirt (Mud) trail

    Paved trail

    It rained most of the ride



    Stream crossing through the trail

    Arrived home 159 miles later

    More pictures.
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    Studmuffin! Wow, you sure worked in a lot of different terrain/surfaces for that route- I`d say you did as well with the routing as with the pedaling. Also, 12 1/2 hours sounds pretty danged good to me! How long start to finish? Germans measure kisses in distance? Wishing you drier weather for you next adventure!

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    I can't take complete credit for the various terrain. I simply used to map a route back to Stuttgart. You can see all of the trails using the OpenStreetMap view, but until you ride them you don't know the trail's condition. The loose gravel was a pain to ride because my tires kept sinking into the rocks. It was like riding in really soft mud. The entire trip started about 5am when I left for the train station. The train departed at 5:53 and arrived at 8:19. I was on the bike about 8:35 and I got back to Stuttgart about 11pm. So from Munich back to Stuttgart took me about 14 hours (25mins was from the trip to the train station in the morning). I'm not sure where my next ride will be, but I'm pretty sure that it will be over the Independence Day weekend. If I can talk someone into joining me, I wouldn't mind making the France ride again. If not, I may attempt alternate route to Heidelberg. Then again, I may ride all over Stuttgart and take pictures to look back on once I transfer. I haven't made up my mind yet.
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    Yep, I really need to take a proper ground-based trip to Europe proper some day. Closest I’ve been was Göteborg, Sweden for three days back in February.
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