• 02-13-2014
    Mounting a cycle computer onto my commuter MTB
    Hey good people.
    This might have been done to death before - but the thread I found on here doesn't seem to offer a solution.

    Basically the problem I'm having is one of finding it hard to mount a bicycle computer onto my commuter MTB. The clearances are just too large - how do I go about bringing the sensor and magnet to within 3mm of each other?

    Any clever ideas out there? Does anyone run a cycle computer on their MTB?

    The computer I want to mount is the wired Cateye Strada which measures speed and cadence and has to be mounted on the rear wheel and left chainstay.

    The bike is a Specialized Rockhopper.

    Any advice appreciated.

  • 02-13-2014
    Hey Vlad.

    It's actually really simple. I'm assuming you have a suspension fork. All you do is rotate the speed pickup towards the magnet. It isn't going to be in-line like on a road bike... instead the pickup will be rotated towards the wheel. It won't affect anything other than looks.