The town of Windham, New York, is like many little towns across the Catskills. The one difference is, they all came together to bring the Mountain Bike World Cup back to the United States. The Mountain Bike World Cup had not been in the United States since 2005, when the people of Windham decided to make it their mission to bring it back. From shop owners to retirees, volunteers came together to make it happen. They brought the World Cup back to the United States for us. Windham World Cup 2012 - Official Site - home For that, they deserve a big thanks. If you have been to either of the last two World Cups, you know what a great town Windham is and how special the people are. Now they need our help. The floods of Irene have nearly destroyed the town. Lives and property have been lost. Property and business of the very people who worked so hard to bring us the World Cup. As mountain bikers who owe so much to this town, we need to help. If you can't go directly, please send your support and give. Who knows if this town will be able to host the Mountain Bike World Cup next year, but I know they want to. With everyone's help,maybe they will. So please give, and go help if you can.