• 01-26-2009
    More Miles Than Degrees Club
    Here's the rules:

    1) Air Temp 20F or below

    2) You must ride more miles than there are degrees (Farenheit), one way.

    I'll start, today was between 4F and 8F the entire way into work, 14.5 miles.

    I anticipate another this afternoon with a forecast of 12F for the ride home.
  • 01-26-2009
    22 mile ride each way.

    So just about any morning I ride from November through mid-March.
  • 01-26-2009
    Depends on the day. 13 miles to work one way (well, at least 13 miles to the commuter rail station, but I can't count the miles on the train, right?).
  • 01-26-2009
    the munts
    11.5 miles. Im not sure of the exact temperature, but my water bottle freezes solid before I get done with the ride.
  • 01-26-2009
    -10F, 3.5 miles one way. Wee..... Do the degrees have to be absolute value?
  • 01-26-2009
    -10 3 miles today with a 6 degree 3 mile ride back.

    A week an a half ago it was -18 and -3 on the way back. Man...15 feels like Aruba!
  • 01-27-2009
    RE:Frozen Bottles
    My bottles will freeze on my commute anytime its less than 20F.
    I carry them in my jersey pocket right on my hip non the less.
  • 01-27-2009
    -24C (-12 F?). 16 km one way (10 miles). 50% of that off-road. Everyday of the year!

    I have biked from -25C to +40C. Temperatures excluding windchill, of course.
  • 01-27-2009
    Easy. Yesterday it was -12. 5 miles total.
    Today was 10 so I'll have to take the scenic route.
  • 01-27-2009
    mmm I pretty much have no chance, ever, of filling those criteria.

    43C today (100+F), and 11km each way (~7 miles?)
  • 01-27-2009
    speedier racer
    -1F when i left for my 4 mile trip

    I checked the weather channel before I left. It said the temp was -4, wind chill -17. I checked weather.com, and it said -1, -1. WTF???