This may be of some interest to all you commuters-
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    This may be of some interest to all you commuters

    Came across these the other day searching for some new lights for my commute to work. Have had one too many near misses for my liking.
    They seem a fantastic idea and not going to break the back First light I have ever seen using this type of technology very smart indeed.


    What's everyone think?
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    At first I thought. First post ever and a random link, I'm not clicking.

    But I did an internet search and it is legit. The kickstarter campaign looks well done and the idea isn't bad. If it is after dark I run 1 light on max bright solid and 1 light on max bright blinking. I wouldn't want a sensor error to potentially reduce that amount of light. I think it would be good for long day rides where you normally wouldn't run a light but it could come on when you needed it.

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    That is pretty slick. There are a couple very large underpasses on my way to work. One goes under something like 8 or 9 lanes of freeway traffic. I run my big lights the same as I do at night for that one, but something like this would be effective enough to negate that need. I could still run the big lights in the dark, and this could supplement at night.

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    ^ Yes. the response to darkness is good. The last frames of the roadie in the road has the light in a most unimpressive output. Looks like my old Superflash in the day. Not sure if that is simply a camera light level thing and that the eye picks it up better. It also seems a bit late to respond to cars pulling alongside. Good first iteration. Is is simply picking up ambient light levels? If so it won't pick up cross traffic until you are in the headlight beam. Yes, I see it as a secondary light. I already have the big batteries and can flaunt that power all the time.

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    It would have to be at least as bright as my PlanetBike Superflash Turbo for me buy one.

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    Would need to be as bright as my Serfas Thunderbolt for me to buy one. It did not appear that way in the video. I like that it is "smart" but I don't need that for my commute. I just need a light that is visible all the time, and that Thunderbolt, well, it is.
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