• 05-18-2015
    Maxxis Torch 29er, anybody using them?
    I am thinking about a set of Maxxis Torch 29 x 2 set up tubless for town riding and commuting on my F29 C3. Just wondering if any one has any experience with them?
  • 05-19-2015
    I just started using some on mine over the last week. They look good, have good grip on pavement, and don't make much noise. Reminds me of my bmx days as a kid, and it makes riding on pavement fun again.

    I guess if I had to come up with something to complain about, it would be that the tread has tight little gaps that hold dirt and grime pretty well which might be a concern if you take your bike in an office building when you commute. Not really an issue for me, though.

    Hard to give a good review this early into ownership, though. And I'm not running tubeless.

    They were brand new in this photo

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  • 05-19-2015
    Are you using them tubeless?
  • 05-19-2015
    I've been running them tubeless on Crest rims. They have been holding air extremely well. Wear and durability has been great so far for me.