Maxxis Hookworms for commuting?-
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    Maxxis Hookworms for commuting?

    Hello all,

    I am trying to find the best tire I can for rolling through the streets, a little grass maybe too(commuting to work). I like the reviews on the hookworms, and they're massive which is awesome. I also like the big apples and I see a lot of commuters use them as well. I definitely like the "Balloon" tires, and I'm a big guy if that matters with the tires. Does anyone have experience with the hookworms?

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    I've never tried hookworms, but my 2.35" bigapples pretty much max out my fenders - not sure if that's a consideration for you or not? Either way, I think balloon tires are fantastic for commuting and would totally recommend it.

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    I managed to squeeze a pair into an old 94 Stumpjumper. They roll really well on pavement, I don't see a little grass being an issue either. Definitely no room for fenders with them on my frame. I like them as commuter tires, the rest of the bike is another story.

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    If you're an all-weather commuter, I would opt for holy roller 2.4's instead. A little more rolling resistance but a lot less likely to slide out on you in the wet. However, the hookworms are really nice on streets that tend to have glass and nails scattered around.

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    Maxxis Hookworms for commuting?

    Halo twin rails. Quick, quiet and have side wall tread to grip gravel if need be. I used them a few time on a single track trail ride, as long as its dry they grip even that reallll well.
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    I used Hookworms on a dirt jumper. They're heavy and bombproof, but heavy. I wouldn't use them on a commuter. The Big Apple is a better tire for this application.

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    If youre a big guy id say go with the smallest tire youre comfortable with that allows the highest psi with passable protection

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